Plain V6 Header Protector

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The INDYCNC plain V6 header protector are our strongest n a V6 configuration. The are constructed of all steel and come in a bare metal finish only. These header protectors come in 3 sizes (1.5″)(1.75″)(2″) and are completed with 3/8′ hardware. The v6 header protectors are sold in pairs and can be used in alternate configurations. These V6 header protectors can be singled out for 4yl use (optimized for shorter headers and close hood to engne tolerances)or used in a  V8 configuration (not recommended because of 4cyl accomadtion).

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Primary Size

1.5" primary tube 3"x3" overall width, 1.75" primary tubes 3.5"x3.5" overall width, 2" primary tubes 4"x4" overall width