MOD-X Wheel Modifier

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The MOD-X wheel modifier used to cut and narrow rims. It can mark and cut out wheel centers. A torch or plasma cutter used with Mod-x can remove wheel faces. With the MOD-X wheel modifier you can narrow your owns rims for demo derby use.

Mod-x wheel modifier has more durable rollers. Rollers better suited for plasma cutting. Included is a spring loaded ground. The mod-x uses a 360-degree platform and comes with universal  3 in 1 plasma mount, sharpie mount, and torch guide. This univeral mount slides 360 degrees around the machine. The 3 in 1 mount can perform any operation from marking to cutting. The mod x helps deliver the confidence to take on wheel narrowing in a small shop or garage.  Torches, Plasma cutter, sharpie, and wheels not included. Made in the USA.

To use the indycnc wheel modifier load your wheel and bring the side fence in aginst the wheel. Make sure it spins freely, mark out your cut points with the 3 in 1 mount. Install your cutting device in the 3 in 1 mount. Locate the 3 in 1 mount on the rails of the mod-x wheel modifier. Begin cutting and spinning the rim slowly, making sure your cutting cleanly through the rim. Leaving 1 place uncut on your initial narrow cut. This keeps the wheel together. Cut your other narrowing mark completely. Finish your first narrowing cut.

More assembly videos are available on tik tok @indy.cnc, Facebook at indycnc derby parts, and youtube


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