Phone Mount

$40.00 plus tax


Phone Mount  Designed to hold most cell phones with the ability to still use the screen and camera functions.  Now is your opportunity to go live or record in car. Hook up a blue tooth earpiece and communicate with other drivers or pit crew. Maybe just play some candy crush in the tech line…

Comes painted in Blue, Red or Gray please specify in the notes when ordering a random color will be selected. 

Fits most cell phones including Newer I-phones and Galaxys.  Dimensions for phone in mount are           6.5″ tall x 3.5″ wide. Measure your device with case on before ordering to ensure proper fitment. Recommended use of Otter Box or other protective case. Two mounting tabs, (6) 3/8″ bolts, (4) 3/8″ wing nuts, (2) 3/8″ standard nuts and adhesive backed rubber pads. The pads will be used as a non slip surface and provide minimal cushion.

DISCLAIMER: cell phones are fragile, demolition derbies are violent. INDYCNC will NOT be liable for damage that occurs when using the indycnc phone mount. INDYCNC will NOT warranty, repair, replace any cell phone in the event damage occurs. Camera and phone screen are not protected. Yes… we hit it with a shovel in the commercial but that does not mean your phone is indestructible. USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!!